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Winter dating

It’s the new year, you’ve made it through Christmas and the New Year party season, but you are single and not loving it. What are your choices? Well adult dating UK is a booming business. Whether you are looking for Mr or Mrs Right, or just a hookup to get you through winter, there are plenty of ways to meet someone who will be able to offer what you are looking for.

When internet dating first became a thing, it was seen as the thing of only the sad or desperate, but years later, it is a massive business with sites for all different kinds of dating such as religious dating, marriage minded dating or even nostrings dating. It means that whatever you are looking for, there will be a site or app that will help you find it.

Why is January the peak time for dating?

It is a well known fact that January is the peak time for dating as those who have spent the festive time alone are using the fresh start of the new year to jump on the dating bandwagon. There are so many people who take this approach that more people join, thus meaning more people are doing it and so the circle continues – almost like a self fufilling prophecy.

Winter dating activities

Unfortunately, at this time of year in the United Kingdom there won’t be many fun outdoors warm activities, however, ther are plenty of other fun things you can do.

  • Ice skating – make the most of the winter and Christmas ice skating rinks that pop up all over the place. From Royal Palaces, through to Garden Centres and museums, there is bound to be one nearby. Much as ice skating is a cold activity, it can be a great excuse to hold on to that person you are interested in, and the hot chocolates or liqueur coffees after will definitely warm you up, as will the laughing that usually takes place!
  • Dinner dates – much as a meal out can be seen as a bit of a cliche when it comes to dating, they are great things to do to get to know someone. Usually inside and with nice food and drinks – what could be better in these cold winter months?
  • Catching a film or a show – again, these can sometimes be seen as cliche activities, but catching a show or a film means spending a few hours inside, in the warm, and depending on the film, can lead to some handholding or snuggling, particularly if the show or film is scary or overly romantic.
  • Live music – I love live music, and whilst in summer, venues can be seen as overly hot, in winter, going to a bar or venue for a gig, and getting your dance moves on can be warming, fun and a great activity.

No matter what the season, check out what activities are on in your area, there are bound to be some that are seasonal and some that are all year around, but as long as it’s something you will both enjoy, go for it and enjoy the laughs!