Top Tips For Choosing A Quality Memory Foam Mattress

When you are looking to purchase a memory foam mattress, you need to know what you should be looking for.  There are a few important factors to consider which will ensure that you get the right mattress for your needs.

The Foam Density

There is a common misconception that density is what dictates the feel of the foam.  This is something that is not completely true.  Foam density will have more to do with the durability of the foam in your mattress.  A mattress with 5 pounds per cubic foot will outlast one that only has 3 pounds of memory foam on average by 10 years.

Most of the high-end mattresses on the market will have 5 pounds or more in foam density.  However, it is important to note that some mattresses will state that they have this density, but fail to mention that this is only for the first inch of the mattress.  The subsequent layers will be weaker density memory foam. If you’re looking for an option then this review of the Beautyrest Recharge mattress looks quite positive.

Know The mmHg

The comfort of your mattress will be measured using mmHg.  This is the unit of measurement that determines the reaction of the mattress to pressure.  The healthcare industry states that a standard of 32mmHg or less will be pressure relieving.

This is important because the more pressure relieving, the fewer press points and the less you will toss and turn during the night.  A low mmHg will also improve blood circulation when you sleep.  The problem is that this can be harder to maintain with a higher density foam.  The best rating in the industry is 12.43 mmHg.

Know The ILD

The ILD or indentation load deflection on a mattress will range from 6 up to 40.  Most of the memory foam mattresses you can buy will have a rating of 10 to 16 ILD.  The fact that many memory foam mattresses will use layering to improve overall comfort will play a role here as the layers all work together and have different mmHg.

Know Where The Mattress Was Made

The components of a mattress will often be imported from countries like China and then assembled in the US or Canada.  A lot of companies will make the claim that their products are made in the USA or made in Canada when they are only assembled there.  This can be a major problem and you need to be aware of it.

Mattress components that have been imported are rarely subject to testing.  This means that it is impossible to know what chemicals have been used to make them.  Harsh chemical odors can be masked before the product is exported with the use of green tea extracts and industrial perfumes.

Natural Memory Foam Or Regular

Regular foam is visco-elastic memory foam.  This is made with chemicals that are petroleum-based and will include fake plant-based memory foam mattresses.  This is a synthetic foam and will often become to when you sleep because it traps the heat from the body in the same way that nylon and polyester fabrics would.

Some of the most common complaints from memory foam mattress owners are that they become hot and that there is a chemical odor.  This is due to the chemical makeup of the mattress material.  If you are not a fan of heating up when you sleep, you should look for a natural memory foam mattress instead.