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Styling your wedding

So, you are getting married – first of all, congratulations! It’s going to be one of the best and most important days of your life and I bet you have a lot to think about. Dresses, guest list, invitations, venues…. the list might feel a little endless. One of the biggest factors that you might want to think about is the style or design of your wedding. This encompasses so much more than just colour schemes. Here are some of the key things you might want to think about which will have a big effect on the style of your big day.


What the froom is wearing is often not seen as as important as the bride’s dress, however as the groom, best man, groomsmen and any other male members of the bridal party will be wearing them, they really can set the tone and style of the event. A great way of combining various elements is to include your colour scheme in their pocket squares or ties too. Bespoke garments and suits can be a wonderfully personal way of putting the groom’s stamp on the event as well. They might take a little longer than buying a suit off the shelf but you will not regret the decision. Learn more about bespoke garments here.


Whilst the rings are possibly the smallest component of a wedding day, they are seen as one of the most important. They are the piece that will stay with the happy couple for the rest of their lives. The design of the ring can have a big effect on other areas of the style – for example white golf or platinum engagement rings will dictate the material of the wedding rings, and in turn the rest of the jewellery worn by the bride and groom. Women wear jewellery a lot more, so are more inclined to know what their ring size is, whereas a lot of men have no idea. A ring size chart is a great place to start for anyone who doesn’t know what size they take. From there they can choose the designs and materials available.


After a wedding, everyone asks about the bridal dress. It’s one of the most talked about and discussed areas of weddings, but it’s not just about the bride. If a bride has bridesmaids, are they all going to be wearing the same dresses, or just the same colour or style? Even if a lady isn’t part of the bridal party, what they wear is also a much talked about consideration of attending a wedding. It’s a massive no-no to wear a white or cream dress as a guest, but are there other rules about what you should wear? More and more posts are appearing online about people wearing things to weddings which are seemed inappropriate. In my opinion, apart from the not wearing white or cream dresses it should be down to the individuals to decide what is and isn’t right to wear to a wedding. If you are attending a wedding of someone who is very religious or is being held in a place of worship, then a short dress showing a lot of flesh might not be appropriate, but I don’t believe there is one hard and fast rule on this one, unless the bride and groom have laid down rules.