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Styling your event!

Whatever your event, you will want to style it. From a romantic and classy wedding to a cheesy and brightly coloured 80s fancy dress party – whatever your theme, your style can play a massive part. For weddings has loads and loads of great ideas for everything wedding related.

For fancy dress parties, Pinterest has loads of great ideas. My 30th Birthday Party was 80s themed – and the whole event was great fun. It was fancy dress, and the food was 80s themed so there was lots of cheese and pineapple on sticks and retro snacks and sweets. All the music was 80s (of course) and the decorations were all retro too.

Sometimes the clothing is a big part of the event and therefore to be considered as part of the style of the event. Websites such as have great ideas for proms – but these are totally transferrable to other events – whether it’s a prom, a wedding, a party, whatever the event. It has ideas for dresses, shoes, hair, accessories and even transport.

Short on time? It’s totally ok to hire an event planner or manager. They will organise everything for you – from the venue, the catering, the running times and the guests. They can take a massive amount of stress and pressure out of planning the day – which especially if its your wedding is a great thing as you can let someone else deal with the stress and enjoy your day without the worrying that you need to be thinking about a million things. They can also help you style the venue – you’d be surprised the difference in a space that chair coverings or table cloths can make. I’ve been genuinely blown away by the massive change something so small can make. If you have a leak you would call in a plumber, so if you need help with an event – why not get an event planner?

Wanting to style it yourself – get back on Pinterest. They have ideas for everything – so whatever your theme, style or vision is, you will find things that inspire you. This is a great idea if you are on a budget! Once you’ve got some ideas, you’d be surprised at the things you can make or put together yourself. You can also source things from Facebook selling groups, eBay, car boot sales, charity shops or thrift stores and various other places. This is another great way of keeping your budget down.

If you regularly host events, then maybe you might want to think about going on an event planning or event styling course. These vary from full time diploma courses through to evening or online informal courses with no qualifications at the end – you just learn for you. I did a diploma in event management which I passed with distinction and now have so many ideas when it comes to events but I unfortunately don’t get to use those skills and knowledge as much as I would like but I definitely learnt some amazing ideas and had some wonderful experience.