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Matching mother daughter clothing

As Christmas 2018 fast approaches, a new fashion trend is taking the high street by storm. Mother daughter matching clothing is taking off and it’s going to be super popular around the festive season. Here’s a round up of some of my favourite collections:

Matalan have an awesome collection called Mini-Me clothing. It’s not just for mums and daughters but for dads and sons too. From coats and shirts to dresses and pyjamas, they’ve got you covered. There’s some seriously cute stuff and it’s defnitely worth checking out!

River Island have a small cut sweet collection – but it only has a few items – some very sweet coats and trousers so your girl can dress to impress like mum!

Mini Me London is a whole website devoted to the trend – and it has a seriously massive collection of all clothing you could want. From pyjamas through to party wear! It’s definitely worth checking out!

Dress like Mommy is another site for anyone who wants to dress like their daughter! It is currently offering free worldwide delivery and has currently has matching whole family sets which are frankly a bit too cute to handle!

Amazon have a great collection but with a different – the styles are similar but the wording is different so they complement each other really nicely (for example “Baby Unicorn” and “Mummy Unicorn”.

Wish also have a really funky collection which also covers the whole family. You need to register with Wish to browse – but you can register with Facbeook so it’s quick and easy. Wish is a global platform so shipping can take a while especially as it is effectively a platform for connecting retailers with customers. The prices are low as retailers are selling off their stock, but your order may come from various people and places and therefore take that bit longer than expected.