Dressing to impress when dating

Free or paid dating sites and apps have become one of the most popular ways of meeting new people to date. Whether you are looking for something long term, or more casual, younger dating or more mature dating, or a particular niche of dating such as black dating or religious dating, there are sites for you. Companies like WeLoveDates can offer a wide selection of dating pools and allow you to find someone who is looking for something similar.

Whether you have met them online, it’s a blind date, or it’s someone you met “in real life” who has asked you out, you have a hot date lined up – but what do you wear? It’s one of life’s most regular questions and always causes stress, particularly if it is a first date. There are so many things to consider including where you are going and what you are doing. What about where you meet the person? Should that make a difference? What if you meet the person on one of the many available free dating sites or apps? Well, in our opinion, that doesn’t matter! If you like the person you are meeting and are keen to impress – then the most important thing is to dress appropriately for the venue and activity, and even more key, dress in clothing that means you will be comfortable! There is nothing worse than being on a date and just being distracted the whole time as you are wearing uncomfortable clothes and feeling fidgety.

If you are going for a meal, bear in mind the restaurant and location. You will feel overdressed in a cocktail dress in Nandos, but equally, some smarter restaurants you would end up feeling underdressed if you wore even nice jeans and a pretty blouse.

If you are doing an activity, again, make sure the outfit is suitable. If you are bowling, you are going to want to wear something like jeans and a top. Going to a show, you might want to dress up a little bit again.

The weather can also make a difference as to what you will want to wear. If it is summer or in warm weather, you are not going to want to wear lots of layers of clothes or carry around a big coat. Equally, although it’s chivalrous for someone to offer you a jacket or coat when it’s cold, I’d be far too embarassed to take a coat if I was cold and hadn’t dressed appropriately!

There’s also the minefield of what you are wearing says about the kind of person you are and what you are looking for out of the date or evening. Unfortunately if you are showing lots of cleavage and legs, people will think less of you and perhaps even judge you. It may not be something that worries you or you are concerned about, and we aren’t advocating getting upset over the opinions of people who you don’t know or who aren’t likely to see you ever again. We aren’t saying that you need to dress like a nun, but it is worth bearing in mind what message your outfit is conveying.