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Dating in a new city

Dating can always be tricky, and frankly nerve wracking, but it needn’t be. One of the best ways of meeting people in your area is to try a local dating site. All you need to do is search online for “Glasgow Dating Site” or wherever your local area is. It will allow you connect with people in your vicinity and hopefully eliminate the stress and expense of embarking on a long distance relationship. 

Local dating sites can be especially good when you are new to an area. I recently relocated and found that connecting with locals online gave me some great ideas for places to go and things to visit. Here are some of the top places I’ve found out about in Glasgow which would be ideal for a first date!


This is a great venue which has filled a gap left by a lot of clubs in the area closing down. It holds all kinds of different events and there always seems to be things going on – from exhibitions, poetry nights, through to club nights and concerts. A great place to start for a first date in the area!

Drygate Brewery

Drygate Beewery is another multi purpose venue which includes a beer hall with big screens to watch those big sporting events, through to spaces for comedy and music events. Being a brewery there are 26 types of beer on rotation and you can also book in for a brewery tour, or stop by for some food. 

Escape Glasgow

Not that you want to particularly escape from Glasgow, but should an escape room take your fancy, Escape Glasgow is right up your street.There are different rooms with different puzzles so you can go more than once, and try out the puzzles and games on offer. Perfect for a group date or just with friends!

Other ideas

Glasgow also has an amazing range of museums and galleries, so depending on what you are into, there will definitely be a space for you to explore. Some of the more popular or wellknown ones are:

The Riverside Museum which has a selection of vehicles from horse drawn taxis through to the tall ship berthed outside. 

The Glasgow Science Centre which has a planetarium, IMAX cinema, galleries, activities and more. 

The Scottish Football Museum is perfect for any fan of the beautiful game. You can tour the national stadium and see the world’s oldest association football trophy! 

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum has a wonderful and popular collection of art masterpieces from Scottish colourists through to French impressionists. It is not surprising it is one of Glasgow’s most popular attractions! 

Staying Safe

Just remember that wherever you decide to go on a first date, it is important to stay safe. Make sure you meet in a public place, ideally one which is well lit and with good public transport links. It’s also important that someone (a trusted friend or relative) knows who you are meeting and where you are going. They should also expect to hear from you by a particular time. If they don’t, they can give you a call, and hopefully you are just having such a great time that you missed the time, but if there is a problem, they have the information required to raise the alarm!