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Choosing a venue to match your style

Whether it’s for a wedding or a party, or any other event, the venue is one of the most important parts of it. If you want a really simplistic modern style for your wedding, then an ancient castle isn’t going to fit. Equally if you want something really traditional and romantic – a minimalistic bar isn’t going to work either.

Finding a venue that can be flexible for whatever you want is key to your dream wedding. I would recommend that you write down what you want from your wedding or event before you even start looking at or researching venues as what they can offer you may sway you and distract you from what you really want. Your list should include everything you can possibly thing of but in particular:

  1. Capacity – the space needs to be big enough for all your guests without feeling crowded.
  2. Age – the age of the building will impact the style of the event and what you can do with the space.
  3. Location – whilst the location of the venue may not directly affect the style of the event, there is no point choosing a visually perfect venue that none of your guests can get to.
  4. Facilities – do they have on site bedrooms for guests staying after the wedding? Do they have an on site bar or catering? Is there plenty of access for parking and is it accessible for any guests that might have mobility issues?
  5. Flexibility – are they able to accomodate any specific requirements that you may have? Whether this is the space and power to accomodate your DJ or musicians, or a bridal suite for changing between outfits and of cours retiring to at the end of the evening.
  6. Catering – whilst some people overlook this aspect of an event’s style – food can be made and planned with a theme or style in mind – like my retro sweets and snacks at my 30th birthday party, you can tailor your menu to match your style. You probably don’t want things like hamburgers and chips if your theme is traditional and elegant. Equally, if your style is informal and casual then you probably don’t want “posh” or nouveau style cuisine.
  7. Budget – whilst it might seem obvious – don’t look at venues you can’t afford. The amount of episodes of Say Yes to the Dress where they try on dresses that they can’t afford and then set themselves up for disappointment is insane and the same principle applies here!

Some venues can be transformed to fit most styles, and one of those is Notley Abbey . Whilst it is a more traditional venue – it can cater for both inside and outside weddings, and can allow a variety of different food styles. The indoor space is traditional yet simplistic. They can offer everything from an online wedding tool to a personal wedding planner, and they can permit everything from fireworks and live music to a flexible finishing time. They can cater for dietary requirements such as Kosher and Halal. There is also plenty of onsite parking, and they offer leisure facilities and extra bedrooms for guests who might want to stay on site.

Finding a venue that can offer everything you need for your event to be perfect is key! Don’t give up and don’t compromise unless you really have to!